Wesleyan Symposium on RISK

symposium is a day-long interdisciplinary critique, which:

Prompts the exchange of ideas and methods of inquiry between students and faculty across the curriculum,
Stimulates creativity and innovation,
Serves as a platform for juniors to develop senior research topics.

Why Risk?

Notions of vulnerability, security, and susceptibility are central to the ways we think and avenues of inquiry. “Risk” can apply to issues of statistical probability, genetic citizenship and responsibility, immigration and the precarity of citizenship, or climate change. We are eager to engage in an interdisciplinary conversation that honors these dimensions and complexities from many different vantage points and on a variety of scales.

Symposium will be held on Saturday, May 2. Lunch and dinner will be provided. The event is free, but registration is required. Email Gabriel Frankel (gfrankel@wesleyan.edu) to register.

For more information: Symposium Schedule


New Haven Train Station Shuttle Schedule
Bus Service Schedule


Service Provided By Wesleyan University
Transportation Services (860) 685-3788
Box Office (860) 685-3355

Leaving Leave
 Arrive

Tue. Nov. 25th 5:45am 6:45am
11:30am 12:30pm
4:30pm 5:30pm
Wed. Nov. 26st 5:45am 6:45am
11:30am 12:30pm

Returning Leave
 Arrive

Sun. Nov. 30th 1:00pm 2:00pm
6:00pm 7:00pm
10:00pm 11:00pm

Shuttle LEAVES Wesleyan from the front of Usdan University Center.
• BRADLEY RETURN shuttle pick up location: INSIDE the newer section of Terminal A
at its lower/ground level, near desk and sign for “Bradley Ambassadors Information Center.”
This desk is closest to Baggage Claim carousel #4.
• Cost is $20.00 one way, $40.00 round trip.
• Reservations must be made in advance at the University Center Box Office.
• Payment is due upon reservation; payment can be made in Cash, Check or Credit Card.
• No refunds allowed.


• Cost is $15.00 one way, $30.00 round trip.
• Reservations must be made in advance at the University Center Box Office.
• No refunds allowed

Sat. Nov.22nd, 10am Shuttle departs from the front of Usdan Center.
Sun. Nov.23rd, 4pm Shuttle departs from the front of Usdan Center.
Tues. Nov.25th, 11am & 6pm Shuttle departs from the front of Usdan Center.
Wed. Nov.26th, 10am Shuttle departs from the front of Usdan Center.

Sat. Nov.29th, 11am Shuttle departs from the front of the New Haven Train Station.
Sun. Nov.30th, 11am & 5pm Shuttle departs from the front of the New Haven Train Station.

NEW YORK and BOSTON Bus Service

• Cost is $25.00 one way, $50.00 round trip.
• New York City: Grand Central Station and Penn Station.
• Boston: South Station.

Tue. Nov.25th, 5pm Buses depart from the front of Usdan Center.

Sun. Nov.30th, 3pm Buses depart from New York City and Boston.

Philly to DC. and Return Bus

• Cost is $125.00 Round Trip Only
• See Box Office For Details.

Wed. Nov.26th, 9am Bus Departs from the front of Usdan Center.

Sun. Nov.30th, Bus Departs from DC at 1pm, Leaves Philly at 4pm

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Message about Fire Safety from Wesleyan Student Assembly Chair!

Dear First-Years:

As we reach the end of bittersweet end of summer and start packing to return to Wes, I wanted to send you all a few tips and reminders to help you get through those Fire Safety checks in the fall. Unfortunately, many of these prohibited items carry heavy fines, and will be confiscated in almost all cases if they are found in your room during a Fire Safety check.

Fire Safety Inspections occur at any point during the semester. Inspectors will search through all visible places in your room (that does not include closed drawers).

If you do get fined and you believe it to be unfairly levied, you can appeal the fine at: http://www.wesleyan.edu/firesafety/fineappeals-form.html.

Below are a few of the most notable things not to bring to campus in September. Full details can be found at http://www.wesleyan.edu/firesafety/guidelines.htm.

Here we go:

• Candles and incense: don’t bring them.

• Cooking appliances: microwaves and coffee-makers/electrical water kettles can stay in your room, but anything else (including George Foreman grills or other devices with a heating plate) needs to find a home in the kitchen of your residence hall, apartment, or wood-frame house.

• Charcoal or gas grills: this one is for the upperclassmen. If you bring one of these, it must be stored outside. You cannot store it indoors, or even or your porch or balcony. Also don’t bring devices that use a combustible fuel (such as kerosene or propane lamps), or build bonfires or firepits (forbidden by the City of Middletown).

• Tapestries: cannot be larger than 35 sq. ft. Since inspectors will be estimating I would advise only bringing tapestries or wall-hangings significantly under that limit.

• Extension cords and plug adapters: If it has three prongs, it’s fine, if it only has two (or converts from 3 to 2), don’t pack it.

• Halogen lamps: no halogen lamps of any kind are allowed.

• Portable electric heaters/space heaters: Don’t bring your own. If your living conditions are unbearable, Physical Plant can provide you with one until your living space is made habitable.

• Vaporizers: anything that uses a heating element to vaporize fragrances, oils, or herbs is not allowed.

• Fog/smoke machines: Fog/smoke machines have a tendency to set off the smoke detector (after all, it is a smoke machine) and bring the Fire Department to your door. Don’t bring it.

• Mercury thermometers: alcohol based thermometers are cooler, so get one of those.

• Explosives/fireworks/ammunition/other incendiary devices: these carry a very heavy fine of $500 so definitely don’t bring them.

• Lethal weapons: obviously prohibited

Tips For When You’re on Campus:

• Don’t mess with the smoke detector in your room, big fines will ensue.

• Remember that Fire Safety Inspectors cannot open closed drawers, but they can see through clear containers and follow George Foreman grill cords to the grill hidden under the pile of clothes.

• Don’t hang anything from pipes or attach anything to the ceiling.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at bmachiavelot@wesleyan.edu

Good luck packing and can’t wait to be chilling on Foss with you all in just a few weeks!


Bruno Machiavelo-Tinoco ‘16

Chair of Wesleyan Student Assembly’s Student Affairs Committee

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