Instructions for Commencement

To:  The Senior Class
Subject:  Instructions for Commencement
Congratulations – Commencement is just a few days away.

Diploma pick-up will be held on Friday, May 25th between 10 A.M. and 5 P.M. at the Registrar’s Office in North College.  You must have a photo i.d.  When you get your “real” diploma, you will also be given a number – REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER!!!  The number determines (alphabetically) where you will stand in line for the Commencement procession. Tell your friends and relatives your number; there is a map that will show them which aisle you will walk down before you take your seats.

Please report promptly to the top of Foss Hill on Sunday morning, May 27th by 10:00 A.M. You will be lined up in alphabetical order in 5 groups around the observatory. Look for numbered signs every 75 feet or so to help you spread out. For example:

Seniors Group # 1  (#s 1 – 118)

# 1- 40  Abe to Ben   etc.                 

The number you were given will tell you where to line up. At each of the five major group signs there will be a faculty assistant marshal who will hand you a card (with your name and number on it). Keep the card, and follow the instructions on it! It will assist you in lining up correctly and as a control (for alphabetical order) as you line up to receive your diploma covers. Your name will not be read out during the ceremony without a card.

The procession will begin promptly at 10:45 A.M., moving down Foss Hill to Wyllys Avenue. When the first of the faculty reach the bottom of the hill, the faculty ranks will divide to create an aisle of honor through which you will march two-by-two. Follow your marshal down the hill and enjoy the professorial applause – job well done!

Once down the hill, continue to follow your faculty marshal towards the library, proceeding through the large tent. Different groups will split and proceed up different aisles for simultaneous seating. Return to a single file, and alphabetic/numeric order to take your seats. Please be seated once you are at your seat.

You will be awarded your degrees after the conferring of the graduate degrees. Joyce Jacobson, Provost of the College, will intone the phrase:  “Mr. President, I have the honor to present these 747 candidates to receive at your hand Wesleyan’s degree of Bachelor of Arts.”  You will stay seated while the president confers the degree, ending with the words: “In testimony of your achievement, I am pleased and proud to present your diplomas.”

Guided by the faculty assistant marshals, the seniors will then file up to the platform in alphabetical order to receive the diploma cover and a warm presidential handshake. As you go up the stairs to the platform, you will hand your card to the faculty marshals stationed there. He or she and Dean Johnson will then confirm that you are in order, and make sure it is your name that is proclaimed as you file past the president. Follow the marshals to the photographer, and then to return to your seats.

The tossing of caps occurs after the Fight Song. At the end of the ceremony, only the platform party and faculty will form the recessional. Stay in your seats until they have exited, and then join in the reception on the front lawn.

In the unlikely event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held under the big tent on Andrus field. There will be an announcement made by email to that effect by Saturday afternoon. In this case, there will be no procession. Please report to the tent by 10 A.M. There will be numbered signs in the tent with faculty marshals standing nearby handing out numbered cards. After getting your card, go directly to your seat and sit down.

If you arrive late and have no card, you may still be able to have your name read. Place yourself alphabetically in the line and as you file up to the platform, tell your name to the faculty marshal at the bottom of the steps. He or she may be able to find your card and insert you into the list (No guarantees!).

Have a wonderful week and graduation.

Senior Week Dining, Loaner Cap and Gowns, Senior Survey

Senior Week Dining Reminder:
Please plan ahead by using up any remaining points you have prior to the end of finals.  Wes Shop is open regular hours through Thursday 5/17 and closed for the semester after that date.  Points can also be used at all dining locations through brunch (marketplace) on Saturday, May 19.  After that the meal plan program is closed so there is no possibility for use during senior week.
The Usdan Café will be open for cash, credit and Middletown cash sales Monday, 5/21 through Thursday, 5/24 9am – 5pm.  All other locations are closed.   Beginning on Friday 5/25 there are various picnics, receptions, etc. but they are all planned by UR. Refer to the Reunion Commencement schedule for those specifics.
Loaner Cap and Gowns:
The Usdan University Center is pleased to offer an academic regalia loan program for undergraduate students who are unable to purchase the cap and gown through the bookstore.  The following is important information that you need to be aware of as you decide if you want to borrow versus purchase:
  1. The loan program has a very limited stock and we do not have all sizes; sizes are based on your height, caps are one size fits all;
  2. We only loan out cap and gown sets.  We will not loan only a cap or only a robe;
  3. We do not have the tassels for the caps; those must be purchased through the bookstore;
  4. We do not take reservations.  Loaner sets are on a first come, first served basis and only during very specific hours:
  5. Hours for the loan program are: Monday, May 7th10am – 2pm Usdan Administration; Tuesday, May 8th 10am-2pm Usdan Administration and Wednesday, May 9th 10am – 2pm;
  6. There is a CASH* deposit of $40 required that is refundable as long as the cap and gown is returned by the end of business on the day of graduation.  Otherwise the deposit is forfeit.  You will sign a loan agreement indicating that you understand that the loaned set must be returned no later than 3pm to the Usdan University Center Information Desk on the day of commencement in order for you to receive the deposit back in full.  Any sets not returned by the deadline forfeit the deposit.

*We do not take checks or credit cards and we cannot charge your student account or Middletown cash.  You will get the cash back as long as you return the cap and gown by the deadline.

Senior Survey:
Please complete the Wesleyan Senior Survey that was emailed to you by the Office of Institutional Research. Wesleyan University will use the information you provide to guide and respond to students’ needs and concerns.


Wesleyan Senior Survey

Dear Senior,
Please complete the Wesleyan Senior Survey that was emailed to you by the Office of Institutional Research. We will use the information you provide to guide and respond to students’ needs and concerns.
All the best,
Dean Thornton

Send your essay to Senior Voices / AKA the Baccalaureate Ceremony

Message from Rabbi David Teva:
Dear Graduating Seniors,

Hope you are all having productive semesters.

Thanks so much for nominating your favorite professors to  deliver the faculty address during graduation weekend.

 Prof. Danielle Vogel (English) received the most votes and has graciously accepted to speak to the graduating class on Saturday, May 26 at 6 PM. Vogel will speak at a special celebration called Senior Voices/AKA the  Baccalaureate.  The celebration is organized by the Office of Religious and Spiritual life and will also feature music and  3-4 student reflections. If you’re interested in submitting a reflective essay, keep reading: 

Senior Voices / AKA the Baccalaureate Ceremony

May 26th, 2018 6pm Memorial Chapel


Want to share your personal story before you leave Wesleyan?

 How are you different from that awkward confused first year student that showed up here four years ago?

What moments and challenges have been especially important to you? Why?

What do you see yourself doing in the near future?

Do you remember “In the Company of Others” during your Orientation?

Well, Senior Voices aka Baccalaureate is the senior version of this kind of event. It is an opportunity for Seniors to share their experiences before ending their Wesleyan career and beginning a new chapter of their life. It is a time to reflect, share and recap some of their unique and transformative moments from their years at Wes.

We want to hear your story, so sign up!

We need:

A short 250-350 word personal reflection essay

Become a Wesleyan Alumni Admission Volunteer!

Congratulations, you will soon be a Wesleyan alum! As your post-graduation plans shape up, I want to invite you to join the Wesleyan Alumni Admission Volunteers program (WAAV). WAAV activities include conducting interviews with prospective students, representing Wesleyan at local college fairs, attending admission receptions, and acting as a local contact for interested prospective students and their families. I can think of no better way to keep your positive memories of Wesleyan alive than by contributing to the next generation of Wesleyan students!

The primary activities for WAAV are representing Wesleyan at college fairs around the country and abroad and conducting interviews with prospective students. For the alumni interview process, prospective students request an alumni interview via our website. Each WAAV member has an alumni portal where they can view any students who have requested interviews, as well as keep track of those interviews you have “claimed” and completed. The two parties decide on the meeting place and time, and then engage in a conversation that typically lasts around 30-40 minutes. Once the interview is completed, the WAAV goes to their portal and submits an evaluation for that interviewee. Alumni support in the admission process is a critical component in our efforts to attract the strongest candidates from across the country and abroad.

Not sure where you will be permanently next year? Just sign up now and easily update your address once you are settled. We look forward to adding members of the Class of 2018 to our community of nearly 700 active admission volunteers! This is a great way to give back to Wesleyan that doesn’t cost you anything but enthusiasm and time.

If you would like to become a WAAV member, please complete the sign up form at:

If you have any questions, please visit our WAAV Website or contact me at or Karen O’Leary (WAAV Assistant) at

Again, congratulations on your upcoming graduation and I wish you all the best in the next phase of your life!

Warmly, Kate

Kate Applegate, Assistant Dean of Admission

Important Student Account Message

From: “Mirabal, Robert” <>
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 8:59 AM

Students planning to graduate in May must have an account in good standing to receive a diploma.  ‘Good standing’ is defined as having paid the April statement, TMS monthly payment plan is paid-in-full (if applicable) and recent charges do not exceed $100.00.