New half-credit course being offered this fall: CGST 201: Crossing Identities and Borders: Processing Study Abroad

Students who have studied abroad over the past academic should consider a new half-credit course being offered this fall: 

CGST 201: Crossing Identities and Borders: Processing Study Abroad!wesmaps_page.html?stuid=&facid=NONE&crse=014894&term=1179 . 

Research has shown that students make the most of their experiential learning abroad when they are given the opportunity to reflect upon it mindfully.  This student-centered seminar will offer returnees from abroad (fall 2016 or spring 2017) the opportunity to do just that: reflect on their personal experience through regular interactions with others who have shared similar experiences. We will meet once a week as a group to discuss readings of general interest, related to identity, borders, culture, and intercultural sensitivity and growth.  The goal of this half-credit course is to provide you with the support needed for gaining a deeper understanding of your experience, and for representing this understanding in the way that makes most sense for you (e.g., through an essay, a digital narrative, a work of art).

Inquiries may be sent to Prof. Bernardo Antonio González at


1.     this class meets on Thursday mornings only

2.     the readings are intended to generate discussion

3.     success in this course equates to their commitment and participation, to their efforts at processing their own experience in a personally meaningful way; it does NOT equate to conventional notions of mastery

4.     this course is really an ideal “capstone” for our majors.

5.     this is an ideal way of picking up an extra half credit, stress-free