Today (Fri. 9/30/16 at 5 p.m.) Deadline, Credit Analysis Report, and Getting Help


RE: Deadline to Change Grading Mode

Today, Friday, Sept. 29th is the final date to change the grading mode for courses that offer this option. The form (available at must be submitted to me by 4:30 pm so that we may make the 5:00 p.m. Registrar’s Office deadline. Please keep in mind that you can take a course CR/U and still count it toward your General Education expectations.

RE: Credit Analysis Report

Please review your Credit Analysis Report, available in your portfolio, which will help guide you toward completing degree requirements. Those requirements are:

(1) satisfaction of requirements for a major

(2) satisfactory completion of 32 course credits, no fewer than 16 of which must be earned at Wesleyan or in Wesleyan-sponsored programs

(3) a cumulative average of 74 percent or work of equivalent quality

(4) at least six semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students for students entering in their first year (for students entering as sophomore transfers, at least five semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students; for students who entered as midyear sophomores or junior transfers, at least four semesters in residence at Wesleyan as full-time students).

RE: Getting Help

This is the time of the semester when some students begin to recognize the need for additional assistance with course materials. Please consult your instructors (go to office hours and TA review sessions) and come to see me. My drop-in hours are posted outside of my office and Mrs. Maheu at will assist you with scheduling an individual appointment with me. You may signup for a peer tutor using this form: