American Studies Alumni Panel 11/5

Dear Sophomores and Frosh,

What can you “do” with American Studies? A lot for the rest of your life: you can develop the critical and creative skills to step back from and question the “givens” thrown at you and imagine how the world–or whatever enterprise you become involved in (government, business, law, revolution)–can be made otherwise.

Want a sample of this? This Thursday, Nov. 5, 4:30-6:00, Downey 113 we have a really special panel that explores how three American Studies alums working in media are putting American Studies into action, thinking through what they’re involved in and what they can do about it. Among other things, we’ll explore not just social critique but popularizing social analysis and critique. And we’ll consider the importance not just of exposing systemic social contradictions but putting the spotlight on Americans who are trying to find solutions. It features Emmy-winning, Peabody award-winning, and Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Prize-winning ABC news producer and documentary-maker Claire Weinraub ’93, labor and continuing editor of the progressive and exciting weblog Daily Kos: News, Community, Action Dr. Laura Clawson ’98, and literary agent Grace Ross ’12. Check it out! Treats/reception will follow.

And don’t forget the American Studies Open House, this Tues. Nov. 3, noon-12:50 at the lovely Center for the Americas (great food for thought plus great food: Typhoon Thai food, Lyman’s Orchards Cider, New Haven Lucibello’s famous cookies).

Joel Pfister
Chair, American Studies Department