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Summer Session courses are an opportunity to catch up, get ahead, or fulfill GenEd expectations with an immersive study option. The small course format of Summer Session supports close interaction with faculty and fellow students. Courses include biology, chemistry, and numerous writing courses. The full list of Summer Session courses is available online at http://www.wesleyan.edu/summer/curriculum/index.html.

Registration for Summer Session is currently open; visit the Summer Session bucket in your e-portfolio to download the registration form. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring your registration form and tuition payment to the Summer Session office at 74 Wyllys Avenue to be enrolled.

If you are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident currently receiving Wesleyan Scholarship support, you may be eligible for Summer Session financial aid.  The form is available in your portfolio and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through Monday, March 28. You will need to have your award finalized before you register for Summer Session if you plan to use aid.

Please visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/summer/wesleyan-students/tuition.html for a complete list of deadlines and other important dates related to Summer Session financial aid.

If you have any questions about Summer Session financial aid, please contact Mary Kelly at mgkelly@wesleyan.edu. For more information about Summer Session in general, please visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/summer or contact summer@wesleyan.edu.

TO:                  Members of the Class of 2018

DATE:              February 1, 2016

FROM:             Scott Backer, Associate Dean of Students

SUBJECT:         Student Judicial Board Applications

Attention Class of 2018:

The Student Judicial Board is seeking to fill vacant positions with students from the Class of 2018. The position is a two-year appointment beginning in the Fall 2016 semester and

continuing through the Spring 2018 semester. An application form is attached and is also available through Karen Karpa, Clerk of the Student Judicial Board, located in the Dean of Students Office, North College, First Floor, Room 108. The deadline for applications to be handed in is Monday, February 22, 2016 at 5:00pm. A description of the duties of the Student Judicial Board can be found in the Student Handbook at http://www.wesleyan.edu/studenthandbook/.

As a member of the SJB, you play a major role in caring for not only the student beside you but the Wesleyan community as a whole.  The role will provide you with an opportunity to engage in inspiring and critical conversations, where you will develop skills applicable to both your time at Wesleyan and the larger world.

If you have any questions about being on the Student Judicial Board, you can get in touch with any of the current members:

Lorin Ferris ‘16

Simon Levin ‘16

Martin Malabanan ‘16

Chando Mapoma ‘16

Yadira Ochoa ‘16

Manyata Berbick ‘17

Selena Gonzalez ‘17

Caleb King ‘17

David Sneed ‘17

Alexandra Stovicek ‘17

Psychology Open House, March 1 at Noon 

Overview of the Psychology Major for New and Prospective Majors

March 1st (Tues.), 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Judd 116

The purpose of this meeting is to provide an overview of the major to newly declared sophomore psychology majors and prospective sophomore majors, and to review requirements with junior and senior majors.  This meeting is not appropriate for first year students (due to a change in major requirements).  The chair (Prof. Andrea Patalano) will be available before and after the meeting to sign any forms (e.g., study abroad, transfer credits).  Please taking advantage of this event for getting your questions answered about the major! Pizza will be provided. 

Helpful links can be found at Majors Guide (Psyc Majors Manual for the Class of 2018 & Earlier, Admission Worksheet, Cultural Immersion Description and Petition) and more; and How to Declare the Psychology Major.




Open House for Prospective FGSS Majors Flyer

The Usdan Center is looking for student leaders!

If you are looking for on campus employment this Fall, the Usdan Center is now accepting applications in the following areas:

Student Managers

Usdan / Chapel Event Staff

The Usdan Operations Department* believes that we are not the average on campus employer.  We invest time in our students.  We value and encourage their feedback.   Our student employees are involved in decisions concerning how the Usdan Center functions.  We’re looking for students who want to be part of a dynamic environment, who want to make a difference on campus, and who are willing to learn while gaining valuable skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solvingCritcal and active thinkers are encouraged to apply!

Click here to learn more and to fill out an application.  Applications are due by February 15th

*Usdan Operations is a department within Student Affairs.  Not to be confused with Bon Appetit Dining Services which is a separate department.  Learn more about us here!

There will be a coat drive on Friday, Feb 12, 2016

Anyone who needs a coat should stop in to see Myers-Brown, Michelle <mmyersbrown@wesleyan.edu> in the Usdan Administration Hall. If you miss this date, send an email or stop in on another day.

Program House selection has begun, and House Hopping Day is this Sunday from 1:00-4:00.  I wanted to share with you Recess House’s expanded mission statement, which hopefully will appeal to First Class students: 

Recess House is for student groups who historically have remained on campus during school breaks, including low income, first generation and international students, for reasons of employment or the costs or time related to travel.  Residents benefit from not feeling isolated during times when there are few students on campus, having use of the large kitchen and common spaces that are shared with Full House, and being connected to supportive resources on campus. 

If there is a critical mass of First Class students in the house next year, it provides a wonderful opportunity for programming that addresses and supports their needs.  Please encourage students who might benefit from living in Recess House to apply, and if possible, to stop by the house (202 Washington Street) on Sunday to check it out.  The first round of applications are due February 17.   

The Career Center and Disability Resources are cosponsoring a workshop on Disability Disclosure in the Job Search Process this Friday, February 12th, at noon in 41 Wyllys, room 114. We will discuss the why, when, what and to whom to disclose your disability in your job search process and examine situations that current Wesleyan students and alum have shared with us. We look forward to a lively, interactive discussion!

Long Lane Farm Summer Farming Job Description and Application

“Long Lane is a collectively worked and collectively organized farm that uses ecological growing practices to nourish the land and people of the Middletown and Wesleyan community. We strive to collapse the boundaries between theory and practice, work and play, productivity and creativity, through experiential learning. Long Lane Farm is a site of open collaboration within our local community that demonstrates the vital importance of small farms in a just and sustainable food system.”

Job Description

Long Lane Farm is seeking six self-motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and hard working applicants for our summer farm positions.

Time Commitment

Preference may be given given to applicants who are able to commit to the full summer, but partial applications are also welcome.This is a minimum 40 hours of work per week position, though it should be noted that the demands of farming do not always align with the traditional work week. A mandatory orientation will take place near the end of the academic year.


  1. Small-scale cultivation of vegetables and poultry (chicken and duck) management, with weekly harvests for Wesleyan’s dining hall and donations in the local community
  2. Collective organization and communication
  3. Maintaining and running weekly Community Food Project (CFP) sessions, usually on Saturday mornings, which involves engaging with community members, especially young kids
  4. Operating a stand at the North End Farmer’s Market in Middletown each week, beginning at the end of June on Fridays from 10am to 2pm
  5. Engagement with local farmers, including opportunities to volunteer at Wellstone Farm in Higganum

In addition, you can be expected to be exposed to and responsible for the following:

  • vegetable seeding, transplanting, cultivation and harvest
  • washing and post harvest handling
  • hoophouse management
  • poultry care including pasture management
  • field preparation through broadforking, hoeing, and raking
  • seeding in flats for fall transplanting
  • taking care of and maintaining tools
  • pest and weed management
  • irrigation, especially in the hoophouses
  • soil fertility
  • finance and record keeping
  • small maintenance and construction projects
  • maintaining the appearance of the farm
  • cultivating community relationships

Once you have been hired for this position, you are expected to work regularly at the farm during the spring semester, attend weekly meetings, and attend a mandatory summer farmer orientation in May.


A schedule of tasks includes, but is not limited to:

Late May/Early June:

  • finishing field preparation through broadforking, hoeing, and raking
  • transplanting tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other solanaceous crops
  • trellising tomatoes and pole beans in the field and hoophouses
  • transplanting and seeding squashes and melons
  • seeding beans and other legumes
  • harvest for Bon Appetit and regular donations
  • poultry care, including rotational management of the ducks (throughout the summer)
  • weed management – hoe! hoe! hoe!
  • mowing grass up to fifteen feet from vegetable plots (throughout the summer)
  • setting up any irrigation deemed necessary

Midsummer (Late June to Late July):

  • selling at the North End Farmer’s Market when it begins in late June
  • beginning the CFP at the end of the kids’ school year in late June
  • succession planting of bolted greens
  • start fall greens and brassica for transplant in flats in early July
  • harvest for market, Bon App, regular donations, and CFP
  • slope management, including a midsummer scything of grasses
  • weed management – hoe! hoe! hoe!

Late Summer (August):

  • selling at the North End Farmer’s Market
  • continuing the CFP
  • transplanting fall greens and brassica in early August under row cover for flea beetle protection
  • harvest for market, Bon App, regular donations, and CFP
  • weed management – hoe! hoe! hoe!
  • establishing and beginning to implement fall cover crop plan
  • beginning to prepare hoophouse plots for seeding of fall greens in late August

Finances and Compensation

Applicants are responsible for applying for grants to stay over the summer. Applicants should be in conversation with the collective about which grants they are applying for, and should apply to as many as possible. The first round of Grant applications are due in mid-February. The collective will assist in writing these grants. Grants are historically for $4,000 each and the summer farmers will also be compensated with vegetables grown at the farm and eggs from our birds. Each farmer is entitled to two weeks vacation.

Some possible funding sources include:

(however there is no guarantee that members of the collective will receive these grants)

College of the Environment Grants (applications due in mid-late February)

2 Positions provided by Bon Appetit

Summer Experience Grant (work-study and rising juniors/seniors only) due in March

Green Fund

Davis Projects for Peace: http://www.wesleyan.edu/patricelli/grants/peace.html

Other possibilities via the Career Center: http://www.wesleyan.edu/careercenter/students/grants-and-fellowships/index.html

Past summer farmers have also received grants from The Rockfall Foundation.

A “Summer Experience Grant”  is available from Wesleyan for individuals with work study designation.

Options regarding can be discussed further by reaching out to Makaela Kingsley in the Patricelli Center (mjkingsley@wesleyan.edu)

Those staying over the summer are responsible for obtaining housing, although the collective will assist with suggestions and will help to locate adequate housing.


Please answer the following questions as thoroughly but concisely as possible. A few sentences in response to each question will suffice. Priority application deadline is February 7th, 2016. They should be submitted to weslonglanefarm@gmail.com

  1. What prior work or farming experience do you have that might help you fulfill your responsibilities as a summer farmer?
  2. Why are you interested in this position and what would you contribute to Long Lane Farm (specific farm knowledge, experience with tools, market experience, working with kids, etc.)?
  3. What experience do you have working or living in a collectively structured environment?
  4. Are there any projects you would like to implement on the farm?
  5. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses relative to this work?
  6. What are your personal goals as a farm worker?
  7. Can you commit to staying the whole summer (with about two weeks vacation time)? Will you need to take your vacation at a specific time?
  8. Do you have a car?

2016 Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Social Justice Award for Sophomores & Juniors

The Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Social Justice Award was created in memory of Peter Morgenstern- Clarren who pursued social justice while a student at Wesleyan. His activism included securing benefits for Wesleyan custodial staff, participating in the United Student and Labor Action Committee, and contributing his leadership to the campus chapter of Amnesty International. We are grateful to Dr. Hadley Morgenstern- Clarren and The Honorable Pat Morgenstern-Clarren for their generosity in sponsoring this award that honors their son’s activism for the public good. A committee will select the sophomore or junior who best embodies the pursuit of social justice. The application process is described below. Any sophomore or junior in good standing may submit an essay that addresses the following:

Describe in detail the most influential social justice effort in which you played a leadership role that sought to make our local and global communities more equitable (The effort should have a direct affect on the Wesleyan campus and/or on external communities.);

  1. Explain your level of involvement in the work for example: your role in raising awareness about a particular issue on campus, coordinating events, implementing programming and campaigns in the pursuit of social justice;
  2. In addition to your essay, you must include a letter of support from a faculty or administrator involved in your effort and submit evidence of impact that the social justice effort had on making our society more just by contributing testimonies from individuals (excluding family and friends) directly involved, artifacts from your social justice effort (e.g., past printed programs, presentations, and articles), and/or your work from courses. You may include non-print items, such as DVDs.

You must include at least four copies of the non-print and printed items and drop them off to Antonio Farias, North College, 3rd floor, Room 317 by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. All essays, letters of support and printed items must be in by the deadline. By submitting your packet, you agree to allow the Office of Equity & Inclusion to use it (or excerpts from it) for assessment, archival, and promotion purposes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Antonio Farias x4771, afarias@wesleyan.edu

Previous recipients:
2015: Hannah Sokoloff-Rubin class of 2016 &

Claire Wright, class of 2016 2014: Hailey Sowden, class of 2015 2013: Joshua Krugman, class of 2014 2012: Corey Guilmette, class of 2013

2011: Ali Chaudry, class of 2012 2010: Allegra Stout, class of 2012 2009: Lily Mandlin, class of 2010

2008: Mu Abeledo, class of 2009 2007: Lashawn Springer, class of 2008

Work and Leadership in the Wesleyan Doula Project Sexual Assault Prevention & Survivor Support Middletown Food Project/Long Lane Farm
Long Lane Organic Farm

Wesleyan Committee for Investor Responsibility
Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative Disability Issues

Facilitator, North End Action Team Teen Dreams Society
Founder, Middletown Youth Radio Project (MYRP)

Program Organizer, “Common Struggle for Freedom & Justice”

Selection Committee: Joseph Matthew Brown ’03; Richard Culliton; Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students; Antonio Farias, Chair & Vice President for Equity & Inclusion; Derek Vincent Garcia, ’04; Sara Morgenstern; Mogenstern-Clarren Family Representative, Bulaong Ramiz; Assistant Director, Student Activities & Leadership Development, Ann Wightman, Professor of History and Latin American Studies.

2016 Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARD

Nominations are now being accepted for the Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Employee Recognition Award. Eligible Wesleyan employees include custodians, dining staff, grounds crew, and building maintenance staff (i.e. electricians, plumbers). The award is to honor and thank the people whose every day work helps the students at Wesleyan. Nominators may only submit one person for consideration; you are welcome to nominate yourself. The winner will receive a cash award of $1,500.

The Peter Morgenstern-Clarren ’03 Employee Recognition Award was created in memory of Peter Morgenstern-Clarren, who pursued social justice as a student at Wesleyan. His activism included securing benefits for Wesleyan custodial staff, participating in the United Student and Labor Action Coalition, and contributing his leadership to the campus chapter of Amnesty International. We are grateful to Dr. Hadley Morgenstern-Clarren and The Honorable Pat Morgenstern-Clarren for their generosity in sponsoring this award that honors their son’s activism for the public good.

To apply, please respond to the following questions in no more than two pages:

  1. 1)  What is your (the employee’s) job at Wesleyan? In what ways do you (the employee) engage and interact with Wesleyan students on campus?
  2. 2)  Inwhatwayshaveyou(theemployee)contributedtostudentlifeatWesleyan?Ifpossible,please give specific examples.
  3. 3)  Whatdoyou(theemployee)findmostrewardingaboutworkingoncampus?
  4. 4)  Isthereanythingelsethatyouwouldliketotellthecommitteeaboutyourself(theemployee)?

Submit nominations to Antonio Farias at North College, 3rd floor, room 317, call 860.685.4771 or email

afarias@wesleyan.edu by 5pm, Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

Previous recipients
2015: David Csere
2014: Lucia Valenzuela
2013: David Wright
2012: Jose Rodriguez
2011: Gloria Tobon
2010: Mollie Lane
2009: Ron Bowman & Wendy Norton

Selection Committee: Joseph Matthew Brown ’03; Richard Culliton; Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students; Antonio Farias, Chair & Vice President for Equity & Inclusion; Derek Vincent Garcia, ’04; Sara Morgenstern; Mogenstern-Clarren, Family Representative, Bulaong Ramiz; Assistant Director, Student Activities & Leadership Development, Ann Wightman, Professor of History and Latin American Studies.

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