Confirm you are enrolled in at least 3 credits – Note: Drop/Add Deadline W: 2/7/18

Greetings Seniors!

From University General Regulations: Students must comply with the regulations for matriculation with the University as announced by the registrar.
1. A student who does not enroll in the University by 1/25/18 will be considered administratively withdrawn from the University.

2. Students who enroll in fewer than three credits may be subjected to disenrollment.

Only students enrolled in the special Per Credit agreement for thesis writers are allowed to enroll in 1 credit.

Drop/Add ends on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Check your WesPortal to confirm that your course schedule is correct, that you are enrolled in at least 3 credits for Spring 2018, and that you are ontrack to earn (by the end of the semester) a minimum of 32 credits without oversubscription.

Refresher about Oversubscription:

  • Of the total 32.00 credits required for graduation, no more than 16.00 credits in any one subject can be counted toward the degree requirements.
  • If a course is crosslisted, it counts towards oversubscription in all subjects in which it is listed, regardless of the crosslisting that the student chose during course registration. The oversubscription rule applies to all credits that are part of a student’s academic history, including pre-matriculant credit, Advanced Placement or other test credit, and transfer credit.

Thank you,
Dean Thornton