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Monthly Archive for August, 2017

Honors Thesis Carrel Application Process for Fall 2017 Monday, September 4:  Online carrel applications for Olin Library are available in your student portfolio by clicking on the Honors Carrel Application link in the Library bucket. The Science Library has a separate assignment process using paper applications, which are available at the SciLi circulation desk. Friday, […]

Dear Class of 2018, On September 4, 2017, one month from today, you will begin your final semester or final year of courses as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University. I am excited to guide you through this final period. Please pay special attention to the various emails I will send throughout this period as they may […]

There’s a great opportunity in the upcoming semester (F 2017) for students interested in making musical theater.  Tony and Obie Award Winner, Greg Kotis (Urinetown) will be teaching the Music Theater Workshop, THEA 279.  The course is described here.  https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?stuid=&facid=NONE&crse=014313&term=1179 There are prerequisites, but, as ever, there are also prerequisite over-rides for students who have […]