The Allbritton Center’s Right Now! Series – The 2016 Presidential Election

The Allbritton Center is hosting four panels this fall as part of the Right Now! Series on breaking issues in public life. Three of these panels are on issues surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election:

The Role(s) of Religion

October 27, 7 pm, PAC 001

Behind the Curtain: Campaign Financing, Gerrymandering, and Barriers to Voting

November 3, 7 pm, PAC 001

The Future of Foreign Policy

December 5, 7 pm, PAC 001 

There will also be a panel on Net Neutrality, which is a central issue of freedom of speech and access on the Internet. In February 2015, the FCC voted to uphold Net Neutrality and forbade Internet providers from charging some users to access “fast lanes” while forcing others into “slow lanes.” 

November 10, 7 pm, PAC 001

Rebecca Jacobsen ’16
Civic Engagement Fellow
Allbritton Center
(860) 685-2871