Apply for a Writing Mentor!

Have you ever wanted a personal editor? Someone who would meet with you privately to help you with your writing?

Your Writing Mentor will work with you on your particular writing concerns, whether you need help generating ideas, structuring your essay, improving sentence clarity and grammar, or managing your time. As mentors and mentees meet on a weekly basis, this program is designed for students who enjoy regular collaboration. If you participate, you will have a sophomore, junior, or senior assigned to meet with you throughout the semester.

We work with students of all writing abilities and in all disciplines. All services are free.

To apply for a writing mentor for the Fall 2015 semester, please fill out the online application here by Monday, September 21st at midnight. We will let you know whether we were able to pair you with a mentor by Thursday, September 24th. Please contact Ford Fellow Elana Rosenthal at or 860-685-2440 if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to working with you.